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Meet the Hellcat Finalists - David from Justin, TX

Highway2Hellcat Finalists - Hellcat Giveaway Game - David from Justin, TX

With the Highway2Hellcat Sweepstakes coming into the final lap, our grand prize Circle of Finalists is filling up! The game ends on April 30th, so if you haven't played--what are you waiting for?  We're giving away over $200,000 worth of prizes including HVAC systems, tankless water heaters, Nest thermostats, home security systems, AC tune-ups, various home services, and of course the grand prize which is Richard Rawlings' 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. In the end, there will be 10 Hellcat Finalists plus our Wildcat Finalist that will get a chance to unlock the Hellcat.

Meet the Hellcat Finalists - Rochelle from Frisco

Highway2Hellcat Finalists - Hellcat Giveaway Game - Rochelle from Frisco, TX

Got Game? If not, Richard Rawling's says "Hurry Up & Get You Some of That!"  There's only 2 weeks left to enter and win in our Highway 2 Hellcat Sweepstakes, With over $200,000 in prizes up for grabs, you can win air conditioning systems, Nest Thermostats, tankless water heaters, discounted services, and more!  The lucky 10 Hellcat Finalists will have a chance to see if their key starts our grand prize, Richard's Red 2015 Dodge Hellcat! 


Accents Are Sexy – Especially Backyard Lighting Accents

Backyard Accent Lighting for Dallas homes, from A#1 Air Electric

Outdoor accent lighting can serve many purposes for your Dallas area home. Not only does it enable you to see at night while entertaining guests or having family fun by the pool, but it also enhances the beauty and elegance of your home and landscaping. In fact, the proper lighting can be just plain sexy.


There are endless options for outdoor lighting designs.  Choosing the right one can be overwhelming.   It’s important to choose lighting that provides both maximum functionality and style.  Consider the following factors:


Meet the Hellcat Finalists - Rick from Frisco

A#1 Air Hellcat Giveaway Finalist - Rick from Frisco, TX

Have you heard the news?  There's a new highway in the DFW Metroplex.  Nope, not another tollroad--this one is free to ride--it's the Highway 2 Hellcat!  Now through the end of April, we’re giving DFW residents a chance to drive away in Richard Rawlings’ 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat!  


Teach Fire Prevention and Safety to Your Kids

Kids Fire Safety and Prevention, from A#1 Air Security

In the year 2011 just in the United States alone, 277 children died in home fires. An astounding 85% of all fire-related deaths are caused from home fires.  These home fires can leave families with a mere two minutes or less to escape safely once the fire alarm has gone off.


The fact is working smoke detectors reduce your family’s chances of dying in a fire by almost 50%. A smoke alarm should be installed on every level of your home in addition to being installed in every bedroom.