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Dallas Fall Weather Doesn't Have to Drive Your Energy Bills Up & Down

crazy Dallas weather means HVAC tune-up time

If you’ve lived in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex for a while, you know how erratic the weather can be this time of year. Or any time of year for that matter!  But the fall season here in North Texas usually brings the most up and down weather with one day of hot followed by the next day of cold.   


Want a Safe and Stunning Shower for Your Dallas Home? Go Curbless!

curbless shower Dallas

There is a great new trend in showers that is both breathtaking and designed for maximum safety. It’s called a “curbless” shower, which means it has no raised frame at the shower entrance.  Believe it or not, even an inch-high obstruction can be difficult to maneuver for anyone who isn’t really paying attention, and especially for the young, elderly, or physically-challenged.  So if you're looking to modernize your Dallas area home, a curbless shower may be just what you are looking for. 


SEER Ratings for Air Conditioners Explained, Specific to Dallas/Fort Worth

SEER Ratings Explained

Because it's usually the most significant investment you ever make, you would not buy a new home without thoroughly inspecting it to ensure it's worth the heavy price tag and financing that is attached to it.  The same holds true for your home's new air conditioning system.  It's also a big investment.  You need to know everything you can before making an informed, smart decision on which system to purchase.  One of the most critical pieces of information you need to know is the system's SEER rating.  With that said, let's dive right in:


Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Our last two blog entries talked about lighting for your front yard and outdoor living areas - both of which are critical for safety.  Plus lighting can also enhance the beauty and elegance of your home and its surroundings.


Once you have the perfect outdoor lighting for your tastes and budget, it's critical to maintain it.  The following are some basic tips on how to ensure your outdoor lighting fixtures last for many years to come:


*Remove insect nests and all debris surrounding your fixtures' components.