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10 Tips for Water Heater Efficiency

water heater energy savings tips
Your water heater is the second largest drain on your home's energy, preceded only by your air conditioning and heating.  In fact, your water heater can cost you as much as 12%-18% of your utility bill.  But the good news is there are things you can do to help conserve energy and save money:

Top 10 Home Security Tips Thieves Don't Want You to Know

Home Security Dallas

You may have heard some great tips on the news about how to protect your home from thieves or other assailants. But how about getting those tips first-hand from a master thief?


July Is National "Hotter 'n Heck Month!" Can Your A/C System Keep Up?

Air Conditioning Services Dallas, TX
Okay, that's not officially what this month is called; although we all know that here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, it is definitely hotter 'n heck!  But July is UV Safety Month, Ice Cream Month, and Parks & Recreation Month.  This all adds up to a "Fun in the Sun Month!"  It can be a lot of fun when you're lounging by the pool or going for a scenic bike ride.  However, when you're indoors at home trying to relax or at the office trying to work, in July with no air conditioning, being hot is definitely NOT cool.

How a Reverse Osmosis System Helps Make Your Drinking Water Clean

Reverse Osmosis System for Water Purification
Many people don't drink their own home's tap water.  They either don't like the taste or believe the water to be substandard.  So they drink bottled water instead, but use their tap water for everything else. What they don't consider is that the contaminants in water can seep through your skin and eyes while bathing and through your gums while brushing your teeth.  So bottled water for drinking or not, it is critical that your tap water is clean!

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