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garbage disposal unclogging repair and installation

Clogged Garbage Disposals
Dallas, Fort Worth

A clogged garbage disposal is not only inconvenient, but can produce gagging, eye-watering odors. Unfortunately, malfunctioning or clogged garbage disposals are not always easy to fix. In many cases, it's often more convenient and cost-effective to call a professional plumber to take care of the issue safely and quickly. For all your garbage disposal or plumbing needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call A#1 Air Plumbing for prompt and courteous service.

Clogged Garbage Disposal TipClogged Garbage Disposal Tip

While undertaking any garbage disposal plumbing work, make sure that the power supply has been cut off… if the power switch is defective in any way, switch off the electricity at the mains for the duration you are working on the garbage disposal. -

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Clogged garbage disposal repairs that also turn your kitchen from smelly to smell-good!

A clogged garbage disposal is not always easy to fix. It’s even more challenging when the smell is about to kill you!  It’s important to turn to a professional plumber who knows how to unclog a garbage disposal safely. In order to repair a clogged garbage disposal, a number of potential problems need to be identified. If the reset button doesn't do the trick, it could be a stuck flywheel, a leak at the flange, the dishwasher connection, or even a clogged discharge drainpipe. Don’t leave it to guesswork. A#1 Air Plumbing can quickly adhere to proper garbage disposal troubleshooting and repair whatever issues you are having.  We’ll have your garbage disposal back in working order for you and that nasty smell gone.  



Service to ensure your garbage disposal is functioning fully – and doing it quietly!    

When it comes to dealing with a clogged garbage disposal, safety should be your first priority. A#1 Air Plumbing provides services for clogged garbage disposals and surrounding plumbing to not only get your disposal functioning again, but to ensure it’s quiet for you and your family when it is on.  If you're not sure what the problem is and don't have the time or skills to deal with it yourself, it’s probably best to call a professional.  Our licensed plumbers can quickly assess, resolve, and service your garbage disposal so you can focus on more important things. For any repairs or servicing of your garbage disposal unit or surrounding plumbing, give us a call.



Installation for both continuous and batch feed garbage disposals.

Our licensed plumbers are knowledgeable regarding all sizes, types, and models of garbage disposals. If you're tired of dealing with a constantly clogged garbage disposal, it may be time to consider new garbage disposal installation. Our plumbers are available at your convenience and can remove and install any make or model garbage disposal for your preference and needs.  We can educate you on grind stages (feed stages), safety, performance, and more to help you make the best decision.  Flexible financing options are available.  For additional information about our garbage disposal and surrounding pipe installation services, give us a call today.