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Commercial Furnace Repair & Installation Dallas, Fort WorthCommercial Furnace
Repair & Installation Services
Dallas, Fort Worth

For 25 years, A#1 Air has performed many commercial furnace repairs and installations throughout the Dallas area. Whether your office feels chilly or the furnace is making too much noise, you don’t want to deal with higher energy costs and you don’t want to deal with employee downtime. Our fully trained and certified technicians have the expertise to inspect and fix any furnace problem you may have that is interfering with daily operations. Our long history and trusted reputation has afforded us the knowledge and skills to successfully take care of your furnace repair and installation needs.

Commercial Furnace Fact TipThermostat Tip

Furnaces don’t produce more heat based on the thermostat temperature. They just run longer to meet the set temperature. Don’t set the thermostat at a temp that makes a furnace run nonstop. – ACHR News


Furnace repair for a steady, comfortable temperature!

Keeping a consistent, comfortable temperature in your workplace environment is important to company productivity and your employees’ health. A malfunctioning furnace can impact the well-being of your staff as well as increase utility costs. If you think your furnace needs to be repaired, we can thoroughly diagnose and repair the problem. Our professional technicians can service all types of commercial buildings. If you’re having an emergency with your furnace, we will respond with urgency and not charge additional fees to do so. We’ll fix the problem as soon as possible so that your business operations won’t be disrupted any longer than necessary.

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Furnace services that are “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night!”

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations with our level of service. Our superior service has been recognized through the many awards we’ve earned, most multiple times over, including but not limited to EBSCO Research Best Pick, Consumers’ Choice Award, and Angie’s List Super Service Award. At A#1 Air, we work hard to gain your trust for the furnace services you need. The trust we’ve earned with our customers can be attributed to our motto that we uphold, “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night.” If you’re not satisfied with our services, then we offer a 100%, hassle-free money back guarantee.

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Furnace maintenance offers many benefits to your company.

Regular furnace maintenance, that includes tune-ups and other services, is recommended in order to keep your furnace in good working condition and to help extend its life. Regular maintenance will also help prevent emergency repairs that can impact your budget and inconvenience your employees and customers. In the long run, preventative maintenance will help your business avoid costly energy bills, expensive repairs, and lost work productivity. It will also keep your system running at peak capacity and help you to get the full life cycle out of it. Let us customize your commercial furnace maintenance to the specific needs of your building and company budget.

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Energy efficient furnaces can help save your bottom line dollar.

A new furnace system for your building is an investment that is beneficial to your company. If it is time for a new furnace, we carry many top of the line furnaces that are energy efficient, have the latest technologies, and will not only keep your employees and customers comfortable and help with indoor air quality which can boost productivity, but will save you money in the long run when your energy bills are cut drastically. A#1 Air will register your new product warranty for you. Extended and additional warranties are also available as well as flexible financing.

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Furnace installation with your needs in mind.

When it’s time for a new furnace installation, an A#1 Air technician can help you select from a wide selection of furnace systems. We can ensure that the selection and installation process is expertly handled in a manner that won’t be a burden to your business. We offer flexible financing and will perform a heat load calculation specific to your building and our Dallas area climate. Our assessment of your needs will be fully comprehensive to ensure the best furnace for your needs is the only one installed.

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Commercial ductwork helps your furnace and improves indoor air quality.

If the ductwork system in your building was not properly installed or has been damaged, your furnace cannot function in an energy efficient manner. Nor can it function in a healthy manner, as indoor air quality is compromised. This impact includes effects from carbon monoxide and Occupational Asthma. Your ductwork could not only be impacting your energy bill in a negative way, but it can be negatively impacting indoor air quality, which can negatively impact daily operations and business productivity. We offer full ductwork assessments and recommendations to support your furnace and heating system. We also offer commercial air duct cleaning.

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