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Heating Repair & Installation

Haltom City, TX

Haltom City’s motto, “A place to call home,” reflects the core values of its population very well. Whether listening to KLIF-FM during the afternoon commute or improving themselves through education at the Northeast Training/Learning Center, residents of Haltom City are proud of where they come from, and happy to be able to call it home. These strong community ties shine through in everything Haltom City residents do, which includes taking care of their homes and their families as best they can. When a heating system dies in the dead of winter, many people are left unsure of what to do and how to protect the safety and comfort of their loved ones. As leaders in heating repair and installation in Haltom City, A#1 Air will be there to help you out in such a cold time of need.

24/7/365 Emergency Services

With our company motto of “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night” it should come as no surprise that A#1 Air takes pride in being there whenever you need us. With 24/7/365 availability, our expert senior technicians, most of whom are NATE-certified, can get to you quickly and efficiently in your time of emergency. Once there, our industry-leading training and expertise will have your heater repair emergency solved in short order, keeping your family warm and safe through the cold winter night.

We have over 20 years of experience in heating repair and installation, and have earned numerous awards and distinctions for excellence in the field. All our technicians are highly certified professionals who have passed background checks and drug screenings, ensuring the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. All our work, whether in an emergency fix or a full-scale replacement, is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.

Heater Replacement

If your old heater is getting worn out, and you are worried about facing a heater repair emergency like the situation above, it may be time to think about a full heater replacement. You may realize that the benefits of a new heater are wide-ranging. Such benefits include:

  • Better Energy Efficiency

As a heating system gets older, it begins to take exponentially more energy to generate the same amount of heat. This inefficiency results in higher heating bills and more energy wasted, neither of which are on the conscientious homeowner’s wish list. A new heater will have all the latest in energy-saving technology, providing clean heat, lowering emissions, and saving you big money. 

  • Better Air Quality

Old heaters generally will lose some of their ability to provide clean heat, and also to provide clean air circulation throughout the home. This is a rather grave concern that many homeowners overlook, particularly those with family members that may be more sensitive to airborne irritants and illness, such as the elderly and small children, and those with pets.

At A#1 Air, we are dedicated to providing the residents of Haltom City with heating repair and installation above and beyond the industry standard. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your home.