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Heat Pump Repair & Installation

Keller, TX

As a homeowner in Keller, you’re likely aware that your town was ranked 7th by Money Magazine’s list of best cities to live in across the United States, and for good reason. With almost 500 acres of parkland, and numerous seasonal festivals and community fairs, Keller offers a wide range of activities for you and your family to enjoy year round. Still, you don't have it good all the time. It’s nothing but hot in the summertime, and in wintertime, you deal with bone-chilling drops in temperature. Sometimes, with these harsh weather conditions, you may need heat pump repair and installation services.

A#1 Air is committed to providing you and your family not only with exceptional service, but also knowledge about our industry in order to help you make informed decisions about your heat pump or other Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) components.

Time to Replace Your Heat Pump?

Our well-trained, highly skilled technicians can recognize signs of weakness or damage in all systems and provide consultation services to help you determine the needs of your system. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time to replace your system’s heat pump unit:

  • Inconsistent heat in your home – some rooms may be too cold, whereas others are overly warm

  • Hot or humid air during the summer months

  • Uncomfortable living conditions, such as intense fluctuations in heat or lack of cooling for a long period of time

  • Higher energy bills or increased energy consumption

Our Technicians:

A#1 Air’s technicians have experience with all models of systems, so we provide quality and comprehensive services that align with your specific needs. They’re also: 

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified
  • Air Conditioning Repair (ACR) Certified
  • Most of our senior technicians hold North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification, the gold standard in the HVAC industry

You’ll also be happy to know that the services at A#1 Air come with a service guarantee.

A#1 Air’s Quality Promise

At A#1 Air, we’re confident that our services will exceed your expectations. Not only that, but we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year – for you. We stand by our motto, “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night.” You can rest assured that your heat pump repair and installation services are conducted by knowledgeable, professional technicians who address all of your concerns. If our work doesn’t meet your satisfaction, then we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. A#1 Air offers you and your family quick and comprehensive services and you can relax knowing that you can place your trust in us.

A#1 Air for Your Heating Needs

The team at A#1 Air is proud to have provided customers like you with fast and friendly, cost-effective services for over 20 years. Our services have even been recognized by other leading agencies in the HVAC field with many awards.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that A#1 Air provides high quality heat pump repair and installation in Keller, TX. If you have an issue with your heat pump unit or with fluctuating temperatures within your home, contact us today!