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Get a New Breaker Box Installed OR
a New Generator Installed and
Get a Whole House Surge Protector for FREE!

$1000 Value!!!

If you are like most and believe power strip cords are sufficient to truly act as surge protectors, think again.  Power strips are basically just glorified extension cords that offer very little protection from electric surges.  Especially in the case of a lighting strike, a power strip will pretty much be worthless.  Lightning doesn't even have to hit your home directly to burn out most or all of your electrical capabilities.  

Even a mild lightning hit to a nearby utility pole could create the same results for you in your home.  If something of this caliber ever happens, aggressive voltage could blast through your home's wiring, past the main breaker, and into your home where it can easily fry motherboards on everything from computers to refrigerators, and fry temperature controls for your oven, dimmer switches, plug, and much more - including every GFCI outlet you have.  Repair costs can get into thousands of dollars and as we all know, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover "acts of God." This means there is a good chance that money will have to come out of your own pocket. 

Take advantage of this great offer by simply getting a free estimate on a New Breaker Box Install OR a New Generator Install - and if you purchase one of these options, we'll also install a New Whole House Surge Protector for Free!  That's a $1000 Value! Same as keeping $1000 in your pocket!