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Schedule your service today!


Buy 3 Can Lights, Get the 4th Free! 

Buy the 1st Can Light at $338, the Next 2 at $205, and Get the 4th Free!  

Installation Included!

Recessed lighting (can lights) is a great addition to any home.  It improves your home’s aesthetics, is pretty versatile and extremely affordable.  Some great benefits of recessed lighting are:

Top 5 Ways to Use Recessed Lighting to Your Advantage:

Improved Aesthetics – recessed lighting creates the illusion of a larger space as well as creating a soft glow that breeds a more relaxed feel.   Creating a peaceful, serene environment has never been easier.

  1. 1. Versatility – the placement of the can lights can allow you to see what you are doing more clearly, without the stress of an overly bright light.  You can also add dimming effects that are easy to control.
  2. 2. Accent Lighting – enhance or spotlight artwork, decorative aspects of your home, and much more.  Add the ambience you are looking for, while keeping the can lights hidden from view.
  3. 3. Task Lighting – direct light towards task oriented areas, such as the cutting area in the kitchen.  Also use to light stairs and entrances.
  4. 4. Energy Savings – most recessed lighting is low-voltage.  Use less energy than traditional light bulbs to light key areas of your home.

If you’d like to take advantage of our Buy 3, Get the 4th Free Recessed Lighting Special, just give us a shout.  Our professional electricians are standing by.