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Residential HVAC AC

Residential HVAC AC

Heat Pump Repair & Installation ServicesResidential Heat Pump
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

We’ve been the leading provider for residential heat pump repair and installation in the Dallas area for 25 years. Keeping the proper temperature in your home at the proper time is important. Both your time and comfort inside your home is valuable.  Because heat pumps are used year round to both cool and heat your home, we will work hard to quickly restore your heat pump so you and your family can enjoy your home in comfort again.

Residential Heat Pump Thermostat Tip

Thermostat Tip

Maximize energy savings by simply reading and following the manufacture’s operating guidelines.  A properly used programmable thermostat can make a huge difference on your energy bill!   - Department of Energy

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Heat pump repair for year round comfort!

Dallas temperatures can be challenging.  Blazing in the summer, freezing in the winter, with extreme changes at any given time.  It’s important to have a system that keeps you comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.  Heat pumps can be very energy efficient as they transfer heat from one area to another.  During the summer, a heat pump removes heat from your home and vents it outside.  During the winter, a heat pump adds heat into your home by extracting it from the outside air. If your heat pump is not operating properly, you and your family cannot enjoy your home’s comfort.  We’ll fix the issues you are experiencing to restore the proper temperature in your home as quickly as possible. As part of our commitment to service excellence, we also offer emergency heat pump services at no additional charge and we never charge overtime fees.

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Heat pump services shouldn’t be handled by just anyone.

Because a heat pump both cools and heats, it’s a bit more technical than an average A/C or heating system.  You don’t want just anyone servicing your heat pump.  If you’re unsure if you need heat pump repair services, there are some warning signs you should consider before calling a professional.  If there is no longer enough warm or cool air to keep your family comfortable, or if you are experiencing a significant increase in your energy bill, it’s probably time for service. We utilize thermal imaging technology to provide an accurate diagnosis, so you can see exactly what you need before we begin our work.  Our professionals will provide you with heat pump services in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

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Proper heat pump maintenance is the key to maximizing energy.

When properly maintained, the life of your heat pump can be extended.  Proper maintenance will help your heat pump unit maximize energy and save you money in the long run.  According to, the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.  Ask us about our tune-ups and heat pump maintenance options today.

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New heat pump systems to best match your needs.

From great SEER ratings, reduction in energy consumption, decrease in noise levels, and more, we offer many top of the line heat pump brands to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.  Our process is hassle free and catered to your best interest and overall needs, including budget.  We register all new product warranties so you get the maximum benefit and we offer flexible financing.

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Heat pump installation specific to the Dallas, Fort Worth climate.

If you’re in the market for a new heat pump, factors to be considered are the size of your home, the age of your home, how many windows are in your home, and much more.  A heat load calculation specific to our North Texas climate needs to be performed.  Government regulations do not factor in our higher temperatures and humidity.  But we do.  You can rely on A#1 Air and our skilled professionals for your heat pump installation needs to be handled properly. 

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Energy efficient ductwork properly supports your heat pump.

Without properly sealed ductwork evenly distributing clean air throughout your home, your heat pump cannot operate at maximum efficiency or maintain healthy indoor air quality.  Properly secure and vented ductwork keeps carbon monoxide vented outside of your home as opposed to inside where your family and pets will breathe it in.  Also, when ductwork is clean and sealed properly, it reduces the amount of energy needed to cool or heat your family home as well as reducing the amount of air pollution generated. 

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