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Residential Heating Repair & Installation ServicesResidential Heating
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

For 25 years now, we’ve been the chosen, trusted provider for residential heating repair and installation in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  Although we have blazing summers here in Dallas, our winters get brutally cold and even dangerous.  When your heat goes out, you need someone who will respond to your needs immediately, especially if you have children or the elderly living with you.

Residential Heating Thermostat TipThermostat Tip

Turning your thermostat down 5 to 10 degrees at night when under the covers and then turning it back up to a comfortable level when you wake can save you up to 10% on your heating bill. – Healthy Living Home


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Safe, timely heating repair to get your family warm again!

Even with a zero-risk guarantee, untimely heating repairs can only be costly and leave you and your family in the cold.  We understand that and will work to get your heat restored quickly and at a reasonable cost.  If you’re not sure if you need heating repair services, some things you may want to consider are if your heater is blowing cold air, your heater will not turn on, your heater is making loud noises, and if your energy bills have increased.  If so, it’s probably time for heating repair or a seasonal heating tune-up.

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Heating services that prioritize your needs.

When it’s cold outside, you need it warm inside.  Period.  If your heating system goes out, especially in the dead of winter, you need heating services right away. That’s why we offer our services around the clock, no matter what time, day, holiday, or season. Even when we get our treacherous Dallas ice storms, A#1 Air is still out there working to keep you and your family warm. Our emergency heating services are prioritized, without overtime fees. We also use thermal imaging technology to help analyze your home to find any trouble areas, prior to beginning any of our service work.  We know what it feels like when the temperature in your home is unbearably cold.  We also know it can be dangerous. We’ll do whatever it takes to restore the heat in your home so you and your family can be warm, comfortable, and safe again.

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Heating maintenance has multiple benefits.

It’s always best to follow recommended preventative maintenance to keep your heater from breaking when you need it the most. Our skilled heating technicians can diagnose, adjust and service your system to keep it going strong and to help promote healthy indoor air quality.  Remember if you have a gas furnace, you also need to be careful with carbon monoxide.  In most cases, repairing a broken furnace or installing a new one is a lot more expensive than maintaining the one you have.  Plus regular maintenance helps to ensure your system lasts. Even new, energy efficient systems need to be maintained.  We have several cost-effective heating maintenance plans available, so be sure to check them out.

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New heating system choices to fit your personalized needs.

If a new system is in order, we’ve got you covered.  Our technicians will perform a heat load calculation specific to our Dallas climate and recommend the best solutions for saving both energy and money.  We offer many flexible financing options so there is always a plan to fit your personal needs.  We offer various energy efficient heating systems from top brands and on all new products, we register all warranties for you.  Ask us about it today.

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Air conditioning installation that meets the needs of your home and budget.

We make the heating installation process as fast and painless as we can for you, while still maintaining the highest quality of work.  Our services are always performed with energy efficiency in mind and we offer heating systems from the most trusted manufactures, with the latest in energy saving technologies.  All of our skilled technicians are background checked, drug tested, fully trained, and certified.  You don’t want just anyone installing a new heating system for your home.  With A#1 Air, you will get the best.

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Ductwork to support your heating system in an energy efficient manner.

Properly sealed ducts help keep the heat in and the cold out.  They also reduce the amount of dirt, debris, and pollutants circulating throughout your home, effecting the air you breathe.   The right ductwork system helps to balance moisture in your home’s air and helps to keep the return air clean. This helps to keep your system running efficiently and assists with getting the full life of your system.  We also offer duct cleaning services to help keep your home a healthy environment.

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