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Roof Hail Damage

Residential Roof Hail Damage
Dallas, Fort Worth

Roof hail damage is no fun at all. Luckily, we are here to help ease your pain. We offer hail proof and hail resistant products, as well as hail repair services to keep your home looking as beautiful as ever before. You shouldn't have to worry about the aftermath of a bad storm. Let us help you stay safe and comfortable in your home. 

No Cost Roof Hail Damage Inspection

If your neighbors are getting new roofs due to storm activity, chances are good that you too may qualify for a new roof. A#1 Air roofing experts can inspect your roof and have trained eyes to spot damage. As part of a no cost consultation, your A#1 Air Roofing professional will let you know the extent of the damage and if in their estimation you would qualify for a new roof. If your home has damage, you would at least want to know, wouldn't you? Our no cost inspection will give you that peace of mind.

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Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim Expertise

Insurance work is a significant portion of our business. If your home has hail, wind or storm damage of any kind, your homeowner’s insurance policy likely covers full protection against damage. We have a deep understanding of today’s insurance environment and we can help through the confusing process of making a claim and we also assist in getting insurance companies to recognize damage.

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