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whole house surge protectionWhole House
Surge Protection
Dallas, Fort Worth

Power surges can, and often do, lead to damage and even failure of your home’s electrical appliances, computer systems, and more. A#1 Air Electric can help with whole house surge protection.  Appliances and equipment can become damaged or completely destroyed from the power surges (also known as voltage surges), considered to be among the most damaging types of electrical power disturbances. Power surges cause extreme spikes in voltage that are harmful to electrical devices and appliances in your home. Power surges can affect everything from your light bulbs and electrical outlets to your air conditioner components.  We can help you protect everything from your satellite dish and computer to the smallest of your appliances, with our home surge protection services in Dallas.

Surge Protection TipSurge Protection Tip

In the event of a large surge or spike, such as a lighting strike, the surge suppressor is a one-time-use protector and will likely have to be replaced.

-Electrical Safety Foundation International


Efficient and thorough whole house surge protection repairs.  

If your appliances or equipment have been damaged by power surges caused by a lightning storm or high-energy electrical surges, A#1 Air Electric is here for you with fast and efficient repair services. We know and understand that electrical surges can damage the appliances that you rely on the most.  We’ll make sure that your home is protected with whole home surge protection or with a lightning protection system to ensure that your vulnerability during the next storm or surge is greatly reduced or completely eliminated.



Home surge protection services with the safety of your home and family in mind.

A#1 Air Electric is dedicated to reducing your vulnerability to the next storm or surge that rolls around. Our licensed and expert electricians provide a variety of options when it comes to surge protection and lighting protection systems in your home.  Nearly every device and appliance in your home today is equipped with a microprocessor.  Electrical power surges destroy these microprocessors, leading to costly repairs and potential replacement. We provide whole home surge protection and lighting protection systems services to keep you – and your appliances and equipment – safe and sound.



Top-of-the-line whole house power surge protection solutions.

Protect your home against power surges with whole home surge protection.  We’ll work to defend your home by starting with a complete surge protection system installed at your electrical panel. This system will regulate the amount of power traveling through circuits that operate your cable and data systems, as well as power sources. Let us safeguard your home from power surges today.